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Is BGM in PM better than MUDHAL MARIYADHAI ? Is BGM in PM better than MUDHAL MARIYADHAI ?

Topic started by velji (@ on Mon Dec 8 22:45:54 EST 2003.
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There is a lot of hype about PM and it's music score, particularly BGM.
The BGM in PM is of course excellent for the trained ears. But the ordinary cinegoer failed to take note of it because the scenes on the screen formed a separate entity. The picturisation was not commensurate with the quality of the music.

Whereas in MUDHAL MARIYADHAI (this movie may be used as a TEXT BOOK for BGM music for DFT courses) the BGM absolutely blended with the rustic environment and brought out the emotions of the characters more vividly. You would have noticed that IR deliberately used only violins, flutes and even the one stringed native violin!
(Kottan gachhi violin)
The music blended totally with the movie that MM was a resounding success!


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