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Translation Help: AP - Snegithane Translation Help: AP - Snegithane

Topic started by Akki (@ on Tue Jan 1 05:07:43 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


As I will be translating the following Tamil lyrics, via English,
into Dutch, I need to be sure that the English translation is accurate.

Can someone comment on it, and please translate the question marks (if any)?

Thanks a lot!!

Film: Alai Payuthey
Song: Snegithane

snaegidhanae snaegidhanae ragasiya snaegidhanae
- oh my friend, my secret friend

chinnach chinnadhaay koarikkaigaL sevikodu snaegidhanae
- oh friend, listen to my small, small wishes

idhae azhuththam azhuththam idhae aNaippu aNaippu
- this way of embracing me, this same way of hugging me

vaazhvin ellai varai vaendum vaendum
- i want this, till the end of our life

chinnach chinna aththumeeRal purivaay
- do small, small love things beyond your limits

en cel ellaam pookkaL pookkach cheyvaay...malargaL malarvaay
- blossom my cells by your actions, among the flower you blossom

poopparikkum bakthan poala medhuvaay
- like the priest, who is plucking flowers, slowly

naan thoongumboadhu viral nagam kaLaivaay...saththaminRith thuyilvaay
- when i am sleeping, you nip my nails ... you sleep without any sound

aiviral idukkil aaliv eNNai poosi saevaigaL seyyavaendum
- you should apply olive oil to me

neeyazhumboadhu naan azha naerndhaal thudaikkinRa viral vaendum
- when you cry, if i also cry, i need your fingers to wipe off my tears

naetRu munniravil unnith thilavu madiyil kaatRu nuzhaivadhaenoa (?)
- yesterday, in your moon you were on my lap... can air come in between us
* (What does this line mean? 'your moon'???)

uyir kalandhu kaLinththirundhaen
- oh, i was enjoined with my soul

inRu viNNilavil andha eera ninaivil kanRu thavippadhaenoa
- today, in your moon, with the drenched thoughts,

manam kalangip pulambugiRaen
- i am restless, oh my heart is raving

koondhal neLivil ezhil koalach charivil
- in your remembarance and in your beautiful tradition
* (what's the right word for 'tradition' here?)

garvam azhindhadhadi en garvam azhindhadhadi
- my pride vanquished, my pride vanquished

sonnadhellaam pagalilae purivaen...
- what all you said, i'll do it in the morning

nee sollaadhadhum iravilae purivaen...kaadhil koondhal nuzhaippaen
- even what you didn't say, i'll do it in the night ... i'll love you and
make you to love

undhan sattai naanum poattu alaivaen
- i'll roam by wearing your shirt

nee kuLikkaiyil naanum konjam nanaivaen...uppu moottai sumappaen
- when you take bath, i'll also get wet a little ... i'll carry you on my

unnaiyaLLi eduththu uLLangaiyil madiththu kaikkuttaiyil oLiththukkoLvaen
- i'll gather you fully, i'll cover you on my hand and i'll hide you inside
the kercheif
* (what does this mean: 'I'll cover you on my hand'?)

veLivarumboadhu vidudhalai seydhu vaendum varam vaangikkoLvaen
- when you'll come outside, i'll release you and i'll fulfill my wish


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