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Songs Mis-Placed Songs Mis-Placed

Topic started by Chumma (@ on Thu Jun 17 11:32:51 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Romba bore adikkuthu. Adhaan koncham thamaasha(?) oru thread start pannarean. After noticing the underlying basic (and harmless) humour in most of our TFMers here, I guess this thread may get some interesting postings. So, here is the juice of this thread...

How about letting our thoughts to run wild and start jumbling the songs across the movies (karpanaiyilathaan).

For instance, we need to take a song from a movie.

Then what we need to do is to replace that song with another song (we can alter the lyrics) that makes that song sequence utterly hilarious.

For example,

in the movie Mouna Raagam, after a very depressing scene, Mohan starts singing 'Nilaave Vaa, Selladhey Vaa'. He sings this song sadly with a strong pain underneath his heart about how he was let down by his wife Revathi.

How about instead of that song, if he suddenly started to sing ( without any forewarning)...

"Nila Adhu Vaanathu mela
Palaanathu Veettukku vulley
paeyaattam moraikkudhu ennai
hoyya hoaayy hoyya hoaayyy"



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