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Translation Help: AP - Evano Oruvan Translation Help: AP - Evano Oruvan

Topic started by Akki (@ on Tue Jan 1 05:07:07 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


As I will be translating the following Tamil lyrics, via English,
into Dutch, I need to be sure that the English translation is accurate.

Can someone comment on it, and please translate the question marks (if any)?

Thanks a lot!!

Film: Alai Payuthey
Song: Evano Oruvan

evanoa oruvan vaasikkiRaan...iruttilirundhu naan yaasikkiRaen
- someone is playing the music..., i am staying in the darkness and
listening to it

thavam poal irundhu yoasikkiRaen adhaith thavaNai muRaiyil naesikkiRaen
- i am doing meditation and thinking about it, i am loving that in
* (what's the correct word for 'instalments' here?)

kaettu kaettu naan kiRangugiRaen kaetpadhai evanoa aRiyavillai
- by listening to it, i got mesmerised, but he didn't know i am listening to

kaattu moongilin kaadhukkuLLae avan oodhum ragasiyam puRiyavillai
- in the bamboo forest, i am not able to understand his music...

pullaanguzhalae poonguzhalae neeyum naanum oru jaadhi
- oh flute, flower flute, you and me belong to same religion
* (is religion the correct word here?)

uLLae uRangum aekkaththilae unakkum enakkum sari paadhi
- oh flute, the craving in you is equal ot mine

kaNgaLai varudum thaenisaiyil en kaalam kavalai maRandhiruppaen
- with this sweet melody, i'll forget my sorrows

innisai mattum illaiyenRaal naan enRoa enRoa iRandhiruppaen
- if this melodious music was not here i would have died long back


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