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Translation Help: AP - Alai Payuthey Translation Help: AP - Alai Payuthey

Topic started by Akki (@ on Tue Jan 1 05:06:19 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


As I will be translating the following Tamil lyrics, via English,
into Dutch, I need to be sure that the English translation is accurate.

Can someone comment on it, and please translate the question marks?

Thanks a lot!!

Film: Alai Payuthey
Song: Alai Payuthey

alaipaayudhae kaNNaa en manam alaipaayudhae
- Kanna, mind is restless, my mind is restless...

aanandha moagana vaeNu gaanamadhil
- by listening to your melodious music...

nilaipeyaRaadhu silaipoalavae ninRu
- you are staying like a statue without moving anywhere

naeramaavadhaRiyaamalae miga vinoadhamaana muraLeedharaa en manam
- ???

theLindha nilavu pattappagal poal eriyudhae
- the bright moon is burning like a sun...

dhikkai noakki en puruvam neRiyudhae
- ???

kanindha un vaeNugaanam kaatRil varugudhae
- ???


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