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"Paadhatha pattelam paadivaithen" "Paadhatha pattelam paadivaithen"

Topic started by Kumar (@ on Mon Mar 25 13:58:53 EST 2002.
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Paadhatha pattelam paadivaithen

This is the title of SPB’s new release, where this genius has sung the songs, which were not originally sung by him, but by other singers like, KJY,MV, BalaMurali, MSV,..etc, due to the pressure of his millions of fans, Ramy has released this album
Here the list of songs.

1)”Sollathan nenaikiren”, originally by MSV, SPB has done an excellent job

2) “Nilave unnidam”, originally by ???, this is the best song in this album, this brings out SPB’s typical trademark, such as his famous bass, punch ,etc, this song has brought the best of SPB’s bass, well done.

4) “Paavadai thavaniyil”, originally by TMS, SPB is NOT at all good in this song, TMS nasal voice suits this song than SPB’s voice, perhaps we are used the original veriosn ?

5) “Kalaiyum neeye”, originally by ??, an OK song

6) “oru nall podhuma”, originally by Balamurali Krishna, wow what a performance by SPB, can not tell the difference between BMK & SPB, as both of their voices are so much similar, BMK once said, balu can sing all of my song, but I can not sing all his song, indeed, BMK was right!

7) “Kanne kalai mane”, originally by KJY, SPB should have been a better choice for this song, did not know what IR had in his mind.

8) “Raasathi unni kanathe”, Originally by P.jeyachandran, can’t chose between P.jeyachandran & SPB, both sounds great!!!

9) “Devan kovil mani osai”, originally by Seerkazhi Govinderajan, SPB killed this song big time, I am sorry, but he did.

10) “thenpandhi cheemayile”, originally by kamal, well you can not compare SPB with kamal, SPB should have sung this song, again another IR’s ego problem!

11) “Ennai thalata varuvazha”, originally by Hari, but the telugu, version was sung by SPB, well no comparison, here, hari is so irritating with his distinctive nasal voice, SPB should have sung the original song, again another IR mistake!!

12) “asaiye allaipoole”, originally by AL Raghavan???, SPB is ok in this song

13) “tholiyile adha vantha”, originally by Mano, SPB is simply superb in this song, well Mano is an imitator of SPB,

14) “Arabhi kadaloram”, originally by ARR, padu kolai by SPB, sorry, but SPB has killed this song.

SPB must be very brave to do this for his songs, I don’t think any singers will do this.

What are your views?


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