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Should IR Re-Master His Old Composition Should IR Re-Master His Old Composition

Topic started by Vijanth (@ on Thu May 18 16:53:36 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

IR has thousands of song collections in his credit
that put him as a legend among the south Indian
music industries. Should he re-Master or re -Make the same composition to current trend.
Example if you listen to 'Senthura Poove ' of 16 Vayithele, it is a execellent piece , if IR take the same note and enriched the music , like some western musician do , and give to his fans .. there are host of of his fans willing to go for it. But the answer is not always yes. Some feel his music is a nostalgic feeling of a particular era. What is your opinion should IR do it if he thought it is good idea.


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