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Translation Help: AP - Pachhai Nirame Translation Help: AP - Pachhai Nirame

Topic started by Akki (@ on Tue Jan 1 05:05:23 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


As I will be translating the following Tamil lyrics, via English,
into Dutch, I need to be sure that the English translation is accurate.
Can someone comment on it, and please answere the questions in brackets.

Thanks a lot!!

Film: Alai Payuthey
Song: Pachhai Nirame

sakiyae snaegidhiyae kaadhalil kaadhalil kaadhalil niRamuNdu
--> oh friend, my friend, in love we have many colours

sakiyae snaegidhiyae en anbae anbae unakkum niRamuNdu
--> oh friend, my friend, my love, you also have colours

pachchai niRamae pachchai niRamae ichchai moottum pachchai niRamae
--> oh green colour, the green colour which provokes my desire

pullin sirippum pachchai niRamae enakku sammadham tharumae
--> the smile of grass is also of green colour, it will say 'yes' to me

pachchai niRamae pachchai niRamae ilaiyin iLamai pachchai niRamae
--> oh, green colour, the youth of the leaf is green

undhan narambum pachchai niRamae enakku sammadham tharumae
--> your youth is also green and you will say 'yes' to me

enakku sammadham tharumae enakku sammadham tharumae
--> it will say 'yes' to me

kiLaiyil kaaNum kiLiyin mookku vidalaip peNNin vetRilai naakku
--> the nose of the parrot is the tongue of the young girl
* (what is meant here?)

puththam pudhidhaay raththa roajaa bhoomi thodaadha piLLaiyin paadham
--> the new rose flower, is the baby's foot which has not yet touched the

ellaa sivappum undhan koavam ellaa sivappum undhan koavam
--> all red colour shows your anger

andhi vaanam araikkum manjaL agginik kozhundhil pooththa manjaL
--> the evening sky which is 'yellow', the 'yellow' which has blossomed
in de kindling of fire

thaNgath thoadu janiththa manjaL konRaip poovil kuLiththa manjaL
--> the 'yellow' which is shining on the gold, the yellow flower which
smiles on the hair

manjaL manjaL manjaL
--> yellow, yellow ...

maalai nilavin maragadha manjaL ellaam thangum undhan nenjil
--> the yellow of evening moon, all will stay in your heart

alaiyillaadha aazhi vaNNam mugilillaadha vaanin vaNNam
--> the colour of the sky without darkness, the colour of the sky without

mayilin kazhuththil vaarum vaNNam kuvaLaip poovil kuzhaiththa vaNNam
--> the peacock's neck's colour, the colour of the water-lily

oodhaap poovil ootRiya vaNNam
--> the violet colour of the flowers

ellaam saerndhun kaNNil minnum ellaam saerndhun kaNNil minnum
--> all colour will be seen in your eyes

iravin niRamae iravin niRamae kaarkaalaththin moththa niRamae
--> oh, the colour of the night, is the colour of full darkness

kaakkaich chiRagil kaaNum niRamae peNmai ezhudhum kaNmai niRamae
--> the colour which is seen in the crow's wings, is the colour of the
girl's collyrium
(what is 'collyrium', eyewash?)

veyilil paadum kuyilin niRamae
--> the colour of the cuckoo which sings in the morning

ellaam saerndhu koondhal niRamae ellaam saerndhu koondhal niRamae
--> the colour of your hair is the mixture of all these

veLLai niRamae veLLai niRamae...
--> oh, white colour, white colour ...

mazhaiyil muLaiyum thumbai niRamae...
--> the colour of the plant leucas which is drenched in the rain

veLLai niRamae veLLai niRamae vizhiyil paadhi uLLa niRamae
--> oh white colour, white colour, you are filling half of the eye

mazhaiyil muLaiyum thumbai niRamae unadhu manasin niRamae
--> the colour of the plant leucas which is drenched in the rain, your
heart is of pure white colour


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