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Emotions in IR's songs Emotions in IR's songs

Topic started by Sivakumar J Sharma (@ on Thu Oct 1 08:14:04 EDT 1998.
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Dear TFM-iites,

Have you ever noticed that in IR's songs, the interludes (gap music) is so apt that the feeling and the mood and in fact the tone of the song is also rendered. For example

1. Paadava Un paadalai (Naan Paadum Paadal).

The gap music of this song is so fast and definitely picturises that some thing bad is going to happen. Incidentally, during this song, the car meets with an accident. But actually, we shud hear this before seeing the movie to appreciate the discussion. Any lay man can instantly say that the song is heading towards a tense situation. More songs that depict emotions,

* Paadu Nilave thaen kavithai (Udhaya Geetham)
Heroine pining for the hero.

* Sangeetha megam then sindhum ..( a typical jolly mood depiction)

* Pani vizhum iravu ( Mouna raagam)
A typical sensuous 'close' song.

* Thaene then paandi meenae (udaya geetham)
Oops - what a lullaby.

* Raakku muthu raakku ( Ejamaan)
What a way to depict a village celebration.

Incidentally, not a single MD has been able to depict emotions and bring about situational tunes and feelings like IR. (after 1976)

In fact, other MDs have never understood the situation of the song like IR does. It requires a great amount of involvement to imagine oneself in that situation and from then on, the tunes start flowing.

Can anyone add to this list??



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