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Mani sharma : A new addition to TFM!! Mani sharma : A new addition to TFM!!

Topic started by Kannan (@ on Tue Jun 26 10:23:54 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hey guys/gals

The latest additon to TFM, Mani sharma's Narasimha has just been released.! Would any of u like to share u'r thoughts on the afore mentioned?

My first thoughts on the album as overall isn't pleasing at all. Manisharma allegedly have a reputation for having close resemblence to that of IRs style. But from what's offered on the album, there's nothing similar except for one song (Kadhal Araro!!.. quite catchy one too.. although sounds much like one of those 90's hindi songs). Apart from that one song.. the rest are...Mmmm not worth mentioning!!!

~:-)) Kannan

PS// I tried looking for a thread with a similar topic, but haven't managed to do so. but if theres one, then pls do point towards the right direction....

also relevant mp3s (no slagging off..pls) are at


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