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"Navarasa Nayagan" Karthik songs "Navarasa Nayagan" Karthik songs

Topic started by Anil (@ on Sat Dec 21 12:16:55 EST 2002.
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Karthik is one actor who has gotten great music in his films thanks mainly to Ilayaraja, but there are others like Bharadwaj, Shanker-Ganesh, etc., who also chip out their hits in a Karthik film. Here are Karthik's greatest songs -

1)Kadhal Oviyum - (Alaigal Oivathillai). Ilayaraja should have won a national award for this movie.
2)Saagara Sangammame - (Seethakoka Chiluka)- wondeful, underrated song
3)Kaalai Nera Kaatae - (Bhagavathipuram Railway Gate) an obscure, but brilliant song by IR
4)Vaa Vaa Anbe and Rajadhi Raja (Agni Natchathriam). Just fantastic
5)All songs in Varusham 16 - especially "Gangai Karai Manandi". IR can't be beaten in classical.
6)Paadi Parantha Killi - (Kizhakku Vaasal) - A sad song, but one that is brilliantly orchestrated.
7)All songs in "Abinandana(telugu)" - dubbed in tamil as "Kadhal Geetham" especially "Kangaliley Kanavo". Another album that deserved the national award for IR
8)Oru Kadhal Devadhai - (Idhaya Thamarai) Shanker-Ganesh's best soundtrack in my opinion. Almost sounded IR-like.
9)All songs in Gopura Vasalile - especially the classic "Kadhal Kavithaigal.."
10)Maniay Mani Kuyile - (Nadodi Thendral) - IR's last with Bharathiraja. What a way to go out.
11)Thendralae Kandu Kolla - (Nilave Mugam Kaatu) -another fantastic, underrated album from IR.

So, there are my picks. There are much more but I can't think of it now. Anyway, I like for you guys to add your favorite songs in Karthik's films.


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