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<b>Pop singer and Salman Khan's brother <i>Kamaal Khan</i> to sing for A R Rahman</b> Pop singer and Salman Khan's brother Kamaal Khan to sing for A R Rahman

Topic started by J (@ on Sat Mar 15 01:22:06 EST 2003.
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Report from:

Indipopper Kamaal Khan (Pop singer and brother of Bollywood star Salman Khan) firmly believes that music should be heard, not seen. Perhaps that explains why his third album, Kal Raat (HMV-Sa Re Ga Ma) had such a low-key launch. In town to wax eloquent about Kal Raat, Khan (who hit the headlines last year as Salman Khanís mysterious friend who was with the actor during that infamous hit-and-run accident) says: Iíve been around for five years and have two successful albums to my credit. Huge launches are for newcomers not for singers who have been around. Iíve never cared for lavish music release parties anyway, they divert the attention from the real thing the album.

Khan spent one-and-a-half year putting together the album, recorded in New York and London. And guess what? He labels Kal Raat as different. Sounds familiar? Well, to quote Khan: Kal Raat has peppy, fresh sounds, very different from O Oh Jane Jana (his debut album in í98) and Suno To Deewana (2000). Iíve retained the essence of a Kamaal Khan album and added a dash of the í80s pop flavour this time. Iíve composed the music and the lyrics are by Raju Singh.

So, for someone who only wants his music to be heard, why did he have to shoot his first music video in Rome? We shot in and around the Colosseum for a week with Italian models. Even I realise that getting a catchy new video is important to get the audience attention. But unless your album is good, the buyer wonít give it a second look, he says.

After his year-long sabbatical from film playback, 2003 promises new notes for Khan: Iím doing playback for A R Rahman in Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha, starring Salman Khan and Preity Zinta, and directed by Atul Agnihotri. And thereís another project lined up that has Himesh Reshamiya as the composer. Iím also acting in Jo Bole So Nihal, directed by Rahul Rawail. I play a parallel role with Sunny Deol, so Iím very, very excited.

Hereís hoping that Kamaal Khanís excitement also adds up to sound business.

by Somashukla Sinha Walunjkar
[Source: Hindustan Times, Mar 2003]

I feel the only reason he got to sing for A R Rahman is because, the director of Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha is Atul Agnihotri who is Kamaal Khan's brother-in law. Post comments.


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