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Now, Rahman is in tune with a love virus! Now, Rahman is in tune with a love virus!

Topic started by dinesh scaran (@ on Tue Nov 19 06:55:37 EST 2002.
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Now, Rahman is in tune with a love virus!


The man has always made his intentions clear. AR Rahman is here to entertain and make people move with his music. And, as he has evolved over the past decade, so has his formula for scoring hit filmi music.

Be it Rukmani Rukmani, Humma Humma, Muqabala Muqabala, Shakalaka Baby or the more recent Ye Ye Enna Aachu from Kaadhal Virus (love virus), what holds a Rahman album together is the item number which, more often than not, skyrockets to the top of the charts. ‘‘In today’s time, I feel that people have come to expect such numbers in my film music,’’ says Rahman, ‘‘But it all started with Gentleman, the directorial debut of Shankar and a film which was subsequently remade in Hindi. Earlier, I was apprehensive about creating such numbers but Gentleman demanded an item number. Of course, now I have got used to item numbers. I don’t see them as being a compromise and enjoy creating them. After all, at the end of the day, it is item numbers which provide the impetus to an album.’’

Interestingly, when one points out that most of Rahman’s hit item numbers have been made for south Indian films, he sports a smile. ‘‘Directors down south are are more demanding. Atleast, this is what I feel,’’ he offers.

But with music known to flow from south to north, Rahman’s Saathiya is currently the hot thing in north India. With the original, made in Tamil by Mani Ratnam, being released a couple of years back, Saathiya marks a ‘been there done that’ feeling for Rahman. Nonetheless, he is ‘‘keen to know how the music of Saathiya is doing.’’

But even as north India tunes in to Saathiya, people down south are grooving to the beats of Kaadhal Virus, one of the few projects Rahman decided to do while he was busy with Bombay Dreams. The number from Kaadhal Virus which currently tops the charts is Ye Ye Enna Aachu, which has been sung by Vasundhara Das and can be seen on music channels in north India.

The mandatory item number, by the look of things, is doing the job. But then, AR Rahman has always been in tune with the times.


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