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I got a few Q's & REQ's? I got a few Q's & REQ's?

Topic started by uthams (@ on Sun Mar 11 11:39:39 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I want to know the following songs details

1) Edho oru nadhiyil naan iranguvathai pole.
SPB and ???? who is the female singer? is it VJ.

2) Anbu megame ingu odi vaa SPB and ??? is it VJ.

I am looking forward following songs.. anybody having it?
1) Poondalir - Vaa Ponmayile
2) Pudhu vellam - Thuli Thuli mazhai thuli
3) Noolveli - Mounathil vilayudum manasatchiye
4) Kallukul Eeram - Ennathil edho , kothamalli poo
5) Ambigai neril vanthal - Kalyana chelai
6) Sankar saleem simon - uravo pudumai
7) Aru pushpangal - Endi muthamma
8) - Radhayin nenjame kannanukku chondame (Sharmilee hindi song tune copy)
9) Vetrikku oruvan - Thoranam adidum

I managed to find some rare songs on napster. But yet to get the above mentioned songs. I downloaded one song "Enna sugamana ulagam idhu" from rajini's karjanai. Its a very nice tune. I dunno who sang the song. similarly "Dagam edukkira neram" song from Enakkaga kathiru. i dunno the singers name..

Its a huge list of questions. Hope there are so many people who can answer my questions and requests.


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