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Is only IR arrogant? (If at all he is) Is only IR arrogant? (If at all he is)

Topic started by kk (@ on Sun Mar 4 06:17:07 EST 2001.
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There has been this image of IR being arrogant from his early days. I feel its more of lack of verbal communication from his part, and his peers being musicaly not par with him to communicate to him. What can you expect to a director, asking for Sitar type music for a scene.

Now let see who else is arrogant in TF world.

Rajni, made a sick statement that raja earns money on par with actor like him who work hard in sun. May be a joke but its unwanted. Is this a humble?

Kamal says he is bringing international std to kodambakkam. What is it about?. It may not be a direct statement, but he talks to that effect. The thing is, wasnt mahendran or others making movies of I std? Just because they are made in tamil without any 'inspiration' from hollywood, they are not upto I'std?. I'std comes when we make movies true to ourselves, not when they package india for foreign audience as in film like Kamasutra. Isnt kamal statements like last hope of TF arrogant?.

Rahman ignored IR name purposely in his early interviews when asked MDs whose music he admired. He said he is trying to bring some I'std to tamil music?. I can agree Tamil films are not great, but when music standard went that bad?. Best part was his claim that he used hollywood style of BGM. All his interviews he wants keep an separate identity, than other MDs as if he has got a dozen grammmys. Why cant he talk like a TFM MD?. Arent all these crap?.

SAR says he the melody king, himself!. so humble. Deva says all his copy is coincedence.


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