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Hindi Is Sweet, Tamil Is Not Hindi Is Sweet, Tamil Is Not

Topic started by Neel D (@ on Thu Jul 31 08:28:30 EDT 2003.
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Hindi is sweet, Tamil is not - Says Karthik Raja

In an interview aired Tuesday (July 28) on Singapore's Oli Tamil Radio, to a question Karthik Raja replied that he likes composing for Hindi movies because the language is so sweet and makes his composition sound sweet. He went on to say that he thinks that that sweetness is missing in Tamil.

When the interviewers (two women) asked him about the current generation of singers he said that after SPB and Hariharan there has been no new male singer who is versatile. He added that the new male singers are all so monotonous.

The two women interviewers spoke in pure Tamil and only in Tamil. Karthik Raja's vocabulary was about 70% English and 30% Tamil. (At the end of the interview, the interviewers thanked him for his efforts to speak in Tamil.)

The interviewers asked who were the singers in his latest album, Karthik replied "Vijay Parakash, from Mumbai". The interviewers repied, "yeah, north indian singers' voices do have a vaseegaram".

I was so impressed at the maturity, diplomacy and the pride in heritage of the interviewers (the two Singaporean women).


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