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<b>Sarath- Parthiban stretch their vocal cords</b> Sarath- Parthiban stretch their vocal cords

Topic started by t (@ on Mon Mar 8 23:23:09 EST 2004.
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Sarath and Parthiban had sung for the films they are currently acting in. 'Yei' is going to be Sarath Kumar's next film after 'Gambheeram'. In this film, for the first time, Sarath Kumar has sung a song, 'Oron onnu, eeron rendu, purinjikittaa friend'. He had the following to say about this song-

"Vadivelu and Paravai Muniamma are going to sing this song. That's when they felt that it would be better if I could sing it too. So, I decided to sing it myself."

Parthiban followed suit by singing himself.

'Kannadipookal' is director Shahjahan's next film after 'Punnagaipookal'. He had requested the hero Parthiban to sing a song himself. Parthiban conceded and sang a song.

Parthiban said, "The hero sings the song for his children in the film. The director felt that it would be nice if I could sing it because it would fit my age. So, I did."

He said about the film, "Flowers are synonymous with delicateness. 'Kannadipookal' (glass flowers) are even more delicate than the usual flowers. That's how the film is shaped too. The film has my usual style of dialogues too."


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