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Enumeration in TFM Lyrics Enumeration in TFM Lyrics

Topic started by hari (@ on Fri Jun 14 14:35:05 EDT 2002.
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There was an article I read sometime ago (by Ramesh Mahadevan) about Vairamuthu's technique of enumeration in film song lyrics. The example there was -

kaNNukku mai-yazhagu from pudhiya mugam.

The whole song goes as Object-ku atribute azhagu (in the author's own words). There is also pachchai niramE from alaippAyudhE.

I feel this has been used by Lyricists from a long time ago. 2 songs that spring to mind are -kAlangaLil avaL vasandham (pAsamalar) and kodi-yasaindhadhum kAtru vandhadhA (??) Would DF-ers like to discuss more examples?


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