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Playback Singers as Composers Playback Singers as Composers

Topic started by Babaji (@ on Tue Nov 16 06:51:25 EST 2004.
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Dear All,

Shall we discuss about Playback singers and the films they have composed for and how they performed as Composers. As far as I know, The following Play Back singers have composed for films / Private albums!

1) Dr.SPB - Sikaram(Super Hit)/Thudikum Karanghal, any other films/ private/devotional albums, sources say Dr.SPB has composed up tp 70 odd films.

2) TMS - Devotional albums, not sure about Films??

3) AMR - Majority of his songs were composed by him, his famous 'TheEn Nilavu' is a treat!

4) Kishore Kumar - He scored for lots of Hindi films, not sure about any names

5) S.Janaki amma - She scored for 1 tamil movie as far as I know, can not remember the name

6) P.Susheela amma - Not sure

7) Dr.KJY - I am sure he must have done many devotional songs, but not sure about movies

8) Dr.BMK - again, must have done Devotional/Carnatical based songs, but not sure aboyt movies!

9) M.Rafi - Not sure

It would be great if we could discuss this!


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