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Voice types Voice types

Topic started by RV (@ on Thu Jun 15 01:28:35 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

There are three types of male voices I see in TFM.

1. The all rounder group: These people sing in high pitch, low pitch whatever. Have good voice modulation and their voices fit many actors. e.g. TMS, SPB, MV

2. The soft voice group: These people cant change their voices that much. But the voices are so sweet that they they become quite popular. AMR, PBS, KJJ are examples.

3. The niche voice group: These people cant change their voices either. But their voices are identified as suitable in a niche e.g. Seergazhi for worshipful songs, Chandra Babu for a westernish voice, Shahul Hameed for a "jolly" song, Deva for a gana song etc. It is very difficult for these guys to break out of this mould. Seergazhi was the most successful perhaps; but the identification took place sometime in 60s and after that he was also typecast.

Are there other groups? Do you guys think all male singers can be characterized in these groups?


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