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Autograph-??? Autograph-???

Topic started by Mumbai Ramki (@ on Thu Jan 15 16:59:57 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

guys i listened to for autograph ..quite couls ..wonder why nobody is reviewing that !!!!

1.nyabhagam varudhae - bharadwaj

If bharadwaj sings it has to be a nostaglic song !!!Defintely reminds me of the avar avaar vazhvinil song ....Bharadwaj has sung very well ..the lyrics are very good ....The interludes have IR type of violins ....This song has only pllavi/Anu Pallavi with no charanams ... very nice song ...This song also reminds me of "thozha thozha ' song from panadvaar bhoombi ...8.5/10

2.Jagaatho tharana -Srividhya,Reshmi

Starts with a pure carnatic recital ....Pure carnatci song like in Pon Meghalai ...Splendid composition by Bharadwaj ..I hope this isnot any kirtana !!!! 9.5/10

3.Kizhake Parthen -Yugendran ,Foni

Starts with a electronic music ...This song can be compared to "Parthen Parthen Rasithen ' song ..Interludes are vrey very KRish or YSRish ..Charanams are much better .....Yugendran has sung it very well ,but SPB should have bene the person ...9/10

4.Maname Nalamma -Bharadwaj ?(

A second song by Bharadwaj ...a different song ..nice lyrics ..but somehow the tunes doe snot register at the first instance ...8/10

5.Manasukullae dhagame -Harish ,Reshmi
Prelude starts with the ARRish touch with beats and humming ....Pallavi/ANu pallavi is excelent and very medlodious ...The first interlude has excellent sax number with second interlude Keralish ....telugu/malayalam lines are there inbetween ....Heroine telgu/Malayalam ???Pick of the song 9.5/10

6.Mesa vecha perandi -Kovai Kamala ,Karthik( ??not teh famous karthik )
of course if there is Kovai kamala it ha sto be adapanguthu ...Liek 'SIngam Pola ' song ..8/10

I think this album deserves more than what it has got .


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