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Translation Help: AP - Yaro Yarodi Translation Help: AP - Yaro Yarodi

Topic started by Akki (@ on Tue Jan 1 05:02:56 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I need help in translating some Tamil
lyrics into 'correct' English.
The lyrics are below, with English
translation according to the dvd,
but a couple of things don't make sense
to me.
Could someone please help me out?

I would like to know if the translation
is accurate. If not, a correction will
be more than appreciated. (I don't understand Tamil at all).
Also, can anyone answer the questions between
the brackets?

Thanks a lot

(PS: More lyrics posts will follow: KK, Minnale, Uyire)

Film Alai Payuthey
Song: Yaro Yarodi

yaaroa yaaroadi onnoada purusan
- who? who is he? who is your future husband?

yaaroa yaaroadi un thimirukku arasan
- who? who is he? who is the king of your heidweight?
* (what's a 'king of a headweight'?)

eekki poala laavadikka indhiranaar pandhadikka
- like moon she is bright, indiran is batting

andhap pandhai theerththadippavanoa sollu
- he is the one who scores a sixer with that ball, tell me?

sandhanap pottazhagai saanja nadaiyazhagai
- the beauty of yellow flower the beauty of young girls foot steps
* (what's the link between this line and the next?)

velli vaetti kattiyavanoa sollu
- is he wearing pure white dress, tell me?

thangaththukku vaerkkudhu paarunga paarunga
- look, the young girl's neck is sweating

saandhu kaNNum mayangudhu aenunga aa
- look, why is the young girl's neck sweating?

sollik kudunga kudunga kudunga kudunga
- .teach me, teach me.

kannip poNNu nallaa nadippaa ava nadippaa
- this young girl will act nicely

kattilukkup paattup padippaa
- is education needed for the bed?
* (what is meant here? 'this girl will be a good wife, but does she need
education for sex?)

kaNNaalam kaNNaalam poongodikkuk kaNNaalam poongodikkuk kaNNaalam
- marriage, marriage, the young girl's marriage

pon thaali poNNukkedhukku edhukku
- why there is an auspicious thread for the bride?
* (what is meant with 'auspicious thread')

mooNu mudi poaduvadhedhukku...aa
- why they are tying 3 knots?

urimaikkaaga oththa mudichchu
- the first knot is for the rights

uRavukkaaga rendaam mudichchu
- the second knot is for relationship

oorukkaaga mooNaam mudichchu
- the third knot is for the world
* (what is meant with 'for the world'?)

mudichchu...mudichchu mudichchu mudichchu
- oh, the knot, knot, knot

pon thaali poNNukkedhukku edhukku
- what's the need for the auspicious thread to the bride?

mooNu mudi poaduvadhedhukku
- why are they tying 3 knots?


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