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Help me Music lovers Help me Music lovers

Topic started by Movie Fan (@ on Tue May 4 06:16:33 EDT 2004.
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Hi ,
Right from my childhood i use to think i am born for intermediate tried to run away from house to chennai and thought of requesting one top tamil MD to let him stay in his house even as a small servant.......but education and studies dint let me... latter my brother who is business manager for some IT company put me there in his company and offered me analyst programmer job since i somehow passed MCA....there too couldnot perform with interest thinking always abt music and movies as my career and so couldnt grow even one position in 4 years....then again i took flight and went to chennai to meet the some top MD s and request them to some how give me some job like gardener or something in their house that i can develop some day in the field i am interested ....but again couldnt do anything since my leave finished and i failed to meet some BIG MDs came back to this foreign country again and continued my work as IT analyst ...but without any interest...
ALL HCIRFs ...please suggest me without making it a joke about what i can do now....i dint tell which country or which MD i tried so that my content wont disturb your focus on my root problem


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