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Where is our objectivity? Where is our objectivity?

Topic started by CMU (@ on Wed Dec 3 02:35:01 EST 2003.
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I don’t know why people get so personal and territorial…come people… where is our objectivity.

Most of don’t know enough about our so called heroes/ idols a.k.a. gods to make any character judgments. It is their work we should be talking about, and like many other things, music is a matter of personal preference. Charlie Parker, one of jazz music’s greatest, might not sound so sweet to many out there. Does that mean Charlie Parker is a bad musician? Or Britney Spears might be loved by millions does that mean she is a talented artist?

Although we can categorize music based on their complexity of composition and arrangements, ultimately music is a feeling. If it does not touch you, no matter its complexity its bad music to the listener. But then again, going to my earlier point if it is bad music to one listener, does it mean it is bad music to every one else out there? Ah! That is why we have this forum, to be as objective as possible and exchange our opinions.

Purpose of the Forum - Explain why you find a specific work pathetic or wonderful, only then will others understand your position. Rather than standing behind our “gods” blindly or opposing them unilaterally, let us try to be as objective as possible. Let us make rational arguments, and exchange our feelings in a civilized manner. We have our opinions and that’s what makes us human, let us not become animals in asserting them (opinions).


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