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B G M - Eternal Myths! B G M - Eternal Myths!

Topic started by OISG (@ on Tue Aug 27 11:45:05 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Can any HCIRF please enlighten this poor soul?

1.How many movies have run simply because of IRs rerecording?
2.Has he managed any recognition at the state,national,Asian,international levels for his BGM ?
3.Has he won any awards (say like Filmfare,Zee ,IIFA etc ) for his BGM?( i hear Adhesh Srivatsava won a Filmfare or Zee award for his BGM in "Border")
4.Who would you rate as the other good BGM scorers at the national ,international levels? (apart from the staple answer "Nobody")-[This is just to determine where he stands vis-a-vis "Them"]
5.Why is he not getting offers to score BGM for Hollywood movies when his credentials are extraordinary as per your judgement?

6.Are there any awards instituted by our govenments for BGM the ones for special effects,editing?If they exist has he won anything?If it does not why don tyou guys make a representation to the government?(But if the Governement accepts your representation and gives the award to some other MDs .....)

7.Mention some scenes wherein without his BGM the scene would have fallen flat pulling down the whole movie.

8.Are there any movies by other MDs in which the BGM was ...say..Ok!?
I shall request all non-IR fans not to post in this thread.Lets listen!


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