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What is so good about IRs BGM ????? What is so good about IRs BGM ?????

Topic started by Its Me (@ on Mon Jan 28 08:45:38 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

BGM. Often used word in all ARR Vs IR threads. The only defense the IR fans have. The only thing IR fans say ARR lacks.
Coming to think of it, Whatz so good about his BGM? Nothing path-breaking or out-of-the-world, i should say. I was watching "Poovizhe vaasalile" yesterday. Horrible BGM... He keeps on playing the songs "Oru kiliyin pirivinile iru kiliyin uravu" & "chinna chinna rosa poove" in the background. ( Now, if ARR does that, he deserves CAPITAL PUNISHMENT ). And in some scenes he gives some sounds that you will get to hear only in hand-held Video Games. (scene where sathyaraj hides in a pit, for eg) Now, IR fans can pounce on me after seeing the film for yourself.
Anyway this is just the tip of the iceberg. If it happens to be a village based film you can find the "SAME KIND" of thaarai/thappattai played in the background (especially in chasing & fight scenes ). In one thread i read that "Thenpaandi seemaiyile" song is played at many places in Nayagan.( To give punch ofcourse, coz its IR ).
Im not taking any credit away from IR. He has given some good BGMs in some movies. But how can that make him THE authority in BGM. Agreed that in many films he has not used the songs themselves as BGM. But is it enough just to compose a new piece, however bad the piece may be? Shouldnt it be quality over quantity ??
Now on a different note, Dont you guyz think that ARR concentrates more on the interlude music in songs ??? Dont you think he has composed some of the greatest-ever interlude music pieces ?? If he can do that, cant he score BGMs. ( On the contrary, did IR ever concentrate on interludes? ). The fact is that ARR has composed beautiful BGMs but not many ppl seem to appreciate it. People are sticking so badly to the statement "ARR cant compose BGMs", for their own reasons. Some useless guy first made this comment & IR fans instantly stuck to it as they knew they have no other defence. I ve been listening to the lotsa BGM pieces posted in the arrfans group and they definitely sound great. ( Those who saw May madham in KTV y'day will definitely agree with me ). IMO, they criticize ARR for the sake of criticizing.
Expecing great deal of bashing from IR fans.


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