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If you were the Lyricist......................... If you were the Lyricist.........................

Topic started by Kuzhambiya_kuttai (@ on Fri Nov 13 22:15:25 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

If you were given chance to change a song or part of song what song/lines would you change?
Some examples:
For Puthu veLLai maZHai song VM first wrote the following lines
"Ithu Kaashmeerama illai kaarkaalamaa?"
"Intha Kovil pura intha kulir thaangumaa?"
Then MR told VM that he should not explicitly say it is kashmir so it was changed
For "Ottakathai kattiko" the initial lines were
"Anthi varum neranthaan"
"aathangarai oram thaan"
Later they found the song would be more appealing if the lines contain more "vallinam" and hence it was Ottagam, kattikko etc....

One DFer pointed out in some other thread that instead of "Inthiran thottathu munthiriye" he would prefer "Inthiran thottathu sundariye" (Nice imagination)
In another thread there was a objection to KD's
"Kaalam pagaithaalum kanavar pani seithu". It was pointed out that it was like women is meant to serve their husband and hence it should have been
"Kaalam Pagaithaalum Kanavar Thunai nindru"

The list goes on.......
"Naan aanai ittal athu nadanthu vittaal"
Vaali initially wrote
"Naan arasan endraal en aatchi yendraal"
MGR said it was tooooooo powerful(DMK's period, and i think there was a rift b/w MGR and DMK) and later these lines were changed

So.... If you were given the chance what song and line would you change?

PS: Topic was started with no intention to hurt any MDs or Lyricist or anyone in DF.


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