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Now there is a way to listen to the Symphony of IR ! Now there is a way to listen to the Symphony of IR !

Topic started by RajanBala (@ on Thu Feb 24 00:59:27 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

At last there is a way to hear the Symphonic work of IR! Now that he has fulfilled the wish of Subbudu by giving him the chance to listen to his work by flying Karthik Raja to Delhi with the tape, there is no reason to doubt that IR will not extend such humanitarian considerations to other ordinary mortals like us.

What you have to do is fairly simple! You should be in your death bed-either in a natural way or thru some other means..and send word to 91-44-828-3209. If you make sure that you are in India and better still if you are in Madras then the probablity of your wish getting fulfilled will be higher as the logistics will be simpler.

Last I heard,they are setting up a special call centre desk at 39, Murugesan Street,T Nagar to take care of this.

All the best


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