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<b>AV Indirectly praises ARR (How ARR is far outstanding from others current MD's??)</b> AV Indirectly praises ARR (How ARR is far outstanding from others current MD's??)

Topic started by Dinesh (@ on Mon Dec 6 04:03:24 EST 2004.
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Whoever knows tamil check this link

Whoever dont understand Tamil let me explain about

Ananda Vikatan a Tamil weekly magazine have a column
named "Comedy Club" in their issue . This week they
have brought all other dappa songs MD (excluding ARR)
for a Karnatic Saba by criticizing & made lot of fun
from their works how they have corrupted the south
indian film music. The MD's are so called (Anumaliks')
Isai Puyal(New), Isai Minnal, Isai Idi & Isai Twister
by themselves.

a) Deva
b) Harris Jeyaraj
c) Yuvan Shankar Raja
d) Bharadwaj
e) Vidyasagar (Is he NA Nominee for this year???)

If you look at the 12-13 paragraph from the bottom,
the article mentions funnily how Harris Jeyaraj &
Vidyasagar have been asked to re-tune (for better
tunes even called in the midnights) by Shankar for
Anniyan & by Rajni for Chandramukhi.

Another proof that ARR is far superior and the best
for any directors. It is impossible to find a
replacement for him in the current music industry.

Previously AV have rated "Udaya Udaya" as the best
song of year ahead of IR's "Ilam Katru Veesuthe".

Many thanks to Ananda Vikatan.

AF Ahmed.

hahaha..check it out guys!


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