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Another crap from ARR (BABA) Another crap from ARR (BABA)

Topic started by JJ (@ on Fri Aug 2 16:08:21 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am more and more convinced he just composes whatever he thinks. He just adds some music deletes some and gives some crap. I will comment each song

1) Dippu Kumari

I think music scored by college students in hostel on desks and chairs would be better than this music. Very ordinary effort by Shankar Mahadevan. Stupid lyrics. Vain attempt to imitate Bangara music. Weird musical mix. Stay away from this song as far as possible.

2) Baba Kichutaa

Indha kartuazham mikka padal, it resembles a lot some muthu song in between. He has just changed into a fast beat. Pronunciation and lyrics less said is better. It resembles a lots of songs from ARR. This song is a testimony to his recycled tunes. Stay away from this song as far as possible

3) Maya Maya

Maya Maya chaya chaya.. resemble some other song of ARR. Another bad tamil Another bad singer from ARR troupe. We should execute the lyricist at sight. I don't know if the singer is bad. Or he asks them to sing bad. Forgettable song. Don't even listen to it more than once.

4) Rajjiyamma Rajjiyamma

If you ever listened to tiruch radio station in 1980 from 12:50 to 1:00 there would be a mellisai. Most it is by T.R.Pappa. If you have listened to that you don't have to listen to this song. T.R.Pappa will sue ARR for plegiarizing!!!
Bottomline it is another crap.

5)Shakthi kodu

Well it is a bournvita advertisment with hifi music. Lots of action packed music. Instruments used randomly. There is no sequence in composing. It resembles an old song. Tamil pronounciation is horrible. Unforgivable tune.

6) Theme Music

Copy from Italian and Chinese music. Only difference it is no where near the class of

I guess he needs to examine his head before giving out music like this. First thing i did after i listened to these songs, needless to guess i deleted them. I hate Baba music more than Windows 98!!


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