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How come people dont like IR's music? How come people dont like IR's music?

Topic started by x (@ on Thu Sep 19 13:48:54 EDT 2002.
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It has been bothering me for a long long long time...How come people dont like IR's songs?

I can understand and accept to some extend that a lot of people don't appreciate IR's music in the last few years...for obvious reasons. But it's so hard for me to believe that in many other TFM threads, people say that IR has been a disgrace to TFM, IR's pre 92 songs sucked etc.. etc... How in the world is it possible for them not to like IR's songs of 70's 80's and early 90's??? Do they bash IR just to piss off IR fans and me the ARR fans happy? I just want to know.

So I started this thread for those who think IR is not a great MD in their openion.. Pl note that this thread is NOT for bashing IR. If you honestly think that IR's earlier songs do not appeal to you then explain why. Forget about his latest songs. I am talking about his 70's and 80's. Seriously, guys give your true comment, technically, non-technically on each of the following songs that make it not so great in your openion. Or comment on any other song that became a big hit but did not deserve to be a hit in your openion.

1. andhi mazhai pozhigirathu - raaja parvai
2. aanandha raagam -- all songs
3. nizhalgal
4. ninaivellam nithya
5. azhage unnai aaradhikkiren
6. vaa ponn mayile - poondhalir
7. ilamai kaalangal
8. sindhu bhairavi
9. rasathi onna - vaidehi kathirundal
10.aval appadhithan songs
12.partha vizhi - guna
13.sangeetham megam - udhaya geetham
14.songs from idhaya koil
15.agni natchathiram songs
16.yamunai atrile - thalabathi
17.engengo sellum - pattakkathi bhairavan
18.kanmani nee vara - thendarale ennai thodu
19.thalayai kunium thamaraye - oru odai nadhiyagirathu
20.meen kodi theril - karumbu vill
21.poo pole un - kavariman
22.nenjathai killathey
23.mayile mayile - kadavul amaitha medai
24.manjal nilavukku - mudhal iravu
25.mouna ragam songs.

Man, I can't list them all. It's too tiring.... so I stop here.

2 humble requests:

1. Please no fights.
2. Please dont criticise IR or anyone personally. Just talk about music alone.

I am aware that people below 20 yrs old may not have heard the above songs. Those people (or anybody who haven't heard a lot of IR songs), pl dont pass any comments bcos you are expected to have anything to say.


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