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Topic started by Nithin (@ on Wed Jan 31 21:54:02 EST 2001.
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One cannot deny 'Thenisai Thendral' Deva's contribution to tamil film music.

He is talented in all styles and satisfies the producers and listeners alike.

His music is updated day by day and he catches with the trend. That by itself had made him bear brickbats as ?copying. I feel this is not true in all the sense because you hear to a lot of melody numbers, folk tunes, western, hindusthani etc., which shows his originality.
"He is pious, humble and level headed", as appreciated by the media. He popularised the Gana songs, which is a lay man expression of his feeling, which was neglected and considered Cheap by other MDs. His orchestration and rhythm patterns are excellent. His BGMs are different and his Rerecording scores are appropriate to the sequence. He doesnt use the whole orchestra just because it is available!

He has used all kinds of voices and gives special mention even to chorus singers in the media.

He dedicates himself to social work through religion and does a lot the society through Melmaruvathur temple, quietly without any publicity. His appeal for to the nation for Gujarat earthquake victims is moving!

He has set a trend that the present day 'young music directors' have started to follow the pattern of Deva and ARRahman to create.


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