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Is Dr.SPB given due Credit for his Decades of Excellnce? Is Dr.SPB given due Credit for his Decades of Excellnce?

Topic started by Ram Lakshman (@ on Sun Apr 20 12:31:31 EDT 2003.
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I do not think that SPB is given many credits for his 3 decades bliss performance, he has been awarded doctorate by the Annamalai University, and Padmashree award in the late 90's, that is nearly after 30 years of his contribution to the music world! this is rediculous, u can not imagine TFM without SPB

other artists who could be added to the list are Illaiyaraja, S.Janaki, P.Susheela.

Why SPB has not yet been awarded with Padmabhushan or Padmavibushan award??


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