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How to rank Music Directors? How to rank Music Directors?

Topic started by Uthaman (@ on Fri May 31 12:18:29 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Is there any basis on which we can rank the music directors?
1)Number of movies he scores in a given period of time
2)Number of hit songs given in a period of time
3)Being Recognized outside your native place
4)Ability to compose songs with great diversity

IR satisfies all the four requirements. He was dominating the 80's. Apart from T.Rajendar and likes of Sankar Ganesh, MSV and ChandraBose there was none to compete with him. Infact he clearly outnumbered all his competitors put together. 80% his songs were hits. He composed both Carnatic and Folks with equal felicity. He was recognized all over country. Let us see how ARR fares. As far as competition goes, Deva has outnumbered him. Sure ARR has scored some nice songs over a period of 10 years. But how many? The biggest achievment in ARR's life is his work was recognized all over India. ARR is still falling short when it comes to composing lively folks music. So when you look into these factors ARR is not even no.1 nowadays as i see Harris Jeyaraj, Bharadwaj and whole bunch new MDs compete equally.
The reason is ARR takes a very long time to compose his songs. I disagree with the fact that ARR is wizkid or wizard or whatever. I agree he is a hard worker. Defenitely genius title belongs to IR as he took very little time to compose tunes.


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