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<h3 style="color:Orange">Mano a Good Singer NExt to Kjy,Spb </h3>

Mano a Good Singer NExt to Kjy,Spb

Topic started by raj (@ on Mon Mar 18 07:18:06 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Mano is Really a Very Good, Talented Singer
Next to Padmashree Kjy and Spb..

His Talent is Not being used Properly
Spb himself has Praised Mano in Many Occassions
and had told that Mano is his Successor..

IR has Given Excellent Songs For him Followed by Others

1. Nila Kaayum Neram Saranam-Mano+Sj
2. Aasayile Pathi katti-Mano+PS
3. Raasathi Manasila-Mano+Ps
4. Maniye Mani kuyile-Mano,IR+Sj
5. Adho Mega OOrvalam-MAno+Sunandha
6. Thooliyile Aadavandha-Mano
7. Ada Uchanthala Uchiyila-Mano
8. Raasave Sitterumbu yenna-Mano+Sj
9. Poongatre inge Vandhu Vaazhthu-Mano+UR+Sunandha
10.Oh unnale Naan Pennale Nee-Mano+UR
11.Kaatu Kuyil Paatu Solla -Mano+SL
12.KAadhoram Lolaku-Mano+Sj
13.Oh priya priya-Mano+KSC
14.Oh paapa lali-Mano
15.Andhiyila vaanam-Mano+SL
16.Kathum Kadal Ulle-Mano+Sj
17.Potri Paadadi penne-Mano+Tks.kalaivanan
18.Devadhai Pol oru-Mano+Mv,Surendar,Deepan
19.Priya saki-Mano+Sj
20.Nee oru kaadal Sangeetham-Mano


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