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Is ARR Running out of Stuff? Is ARR Running out of Stuff?

Topic started by Ramesh Vaidhyanathan (@ on Fri Mar 13 15:14:51 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I listened to VandeMatharam in which ARR recycled his own tunes from Kizhakku Ceemayile and a touch of a song from Indira.
Also ARR's recent movies for big time producers like Ratchagan and Iruvar (except one song) and Dhoud in Hindi did not have any notable music. Remember ARRs last hit Minsarak Kanavu music was done long time ago.

If for a major album for Sony released on 50th year of Indian Independence, ARR cannot produce original music, then I have to come to the conclusion that he is running out of stuff. I heard that ARR is planning to cut down on movies and concentrate more on albums. Thus he will have to produce less and earn more.

Right now I do not see any difference in the quality of music produced by ARR and Karthik Raja. In fact I think Deva is doing a better job of providing consistant good quality music.


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