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Singers Scoring Music for films .... Singers Scoring Music for films ....

Topic started by Raghu (@ on Fri Apr 12 07:47:50 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Many play back singers like SPB, Ghantasala, KJY, Kishore Kumar, A.M.Rajah, P.B.Srinivas,S.janaki.

while SPB apparently scored music for 80 films, but AFAIK, his Tamil composition like Sikaram/ Thuddikum Karanghal had very good songs, were they hit, I am yet see any KJY composition in Tamil Music, But I have heard Ghantasala's amazing "Maaya bhazar", & melodious A.M.Rajah's "theen nilavu". But PBS scored music for any Tamil films??, I also know that S.Janki scored music for one Tamil film, but can not recall it, can some body pls provide me list films, where the music was composed by singers?


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