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Is Ilayaraaja an E.T.? Is Ilayaraaja an E.T.?

Topic started by UFO (@ on Wed Mar 6 01:25:37 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

One song's preludes and interludes bewilders me to this day. There has not a day in the last 23 years that this song has not come in my mind. To tell you what I feel about it. The prelude (leave aside those equally intriguing interludes) alone knocks out Bach's Tocatto and Fugue in D Minor (which is a piece that got me attracted to IR's music in the first place. I was always a baching before that.) in every facet of impossibility of creating such dizzy music! That is why at times I think IR is probably an ET! Anyone feels like expressing some similar feelings about IR (I tell you I can't think of any other human being as E.T. as IR. Sorry, ARR you don't qualify. KR and YSR? In due course, we will know!) let us freak out here, what do ya all say, folks?


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