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MSV copy aditha paadalgal! MSV copy aditha paadalgal!

Topic started by Raj (@ on Sat Jan 30 04:20:19 EST 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Under the prevailing acrimony, this would be the last topic that would seem to invite attention.
But then, I thought it is only fair enough we explore this avenue, too. In this forum, i have seen IR-bashing, ARR-bashing, Deva-bashing etc. but no MSV-bashing. Thought might as wel "Sindu-mudinjify".
Before you pounce on me as a blind IR-fan trying to bring down a great genisus(MSV), let me state my utmost reverence for MSV as a composer. Infact, I dont think there are too many copied songs by him. That shouldn't , however, prevent us from searching for such specimen.
In searching for a song that would trigger off this discussion, I had to dig deep. Finally I came up with one, what's more, I even have MSV's opinion regarding that song and it's original:

Remember "Sun mere bandhu re.." from Sujatha..great boat-man song of SDB.

The opening strains of "Thazhaiyam poo mudichu.." from Bagapirivinai sound too dangerously close to it. Actually, I would not have been smart enough to find it. But MSV himself pointed out the similarity in an interview and claiemd it as "great minds think alike"..!
His claim was that he had composed that song one fine day and the next day, he happens to go to a hindi movie and what does he hear but his own composition!!
Now, we have to take his word for it but I cant take it without a pinch of salt:). As sherlock holmes would say "I dont believe in dangerously close co-incidences".

Are there any copied songs by MSV at all?


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