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Copycats? Copycats?

Topic started by vinner (@ on Wed Jul 9 09:57:06 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Why does some songs from Dum (Tamil) sound very similar to songs from Idiot (Telugu)????

Why would an indian music director never admit, that he is covering songs from others?

In Dum the MD is Deva, but in Idiot the songs are written by Chakri!

I can remember, that there was huge uproar when Truth Hurts sampled Lata Mageshkars voice, the Md from the original Bappi Lahiri even went to court!
He said it would have been okay, if they just mentioned, who composed the sample!

But in the indian Film soundtrack scene the Md are using tunes from all over the world! If you listen to the tamil soundtracks from the last year, I'm pretty sure that in every second or third album , you will find a song which music is covered, without even mentioning the original, you could at least write inspired by...
They are sampling the music from arabian hits (chandralekha (Malayalam) by vidyasagar), europop music(dhool), hip hop(5 Stars)

Why is this so????

Are all indian MD not creative enough? Or do you have to be a "thief" to become a succesful MD?


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