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'Manasu rendum paarkka"-What about Shankar Mahadevan's pronounciation? 'Manasu rendum paarkka"-What about Shankar Mahadevan's pronounciation?

Topic started by JK (@ on Tue Aug 12 06:20:59 EDT 2003.
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Great song "Manasu rendum paarkka.." from Kadhal Konden..

Shankar Mahadevan has rendered that song with exact emotion. But

"Oru paarvaiyil ennai kondru vidu penne..
Un Koonthalil ennai pudhaithu vidu penne..
koLvatharku munne oru muthamidu penne..
adahi marakkaathey.."

In this he should have pronounced "kolvatharkku"
instead of "koLvatharku". It is odd to listen to a "La" instead of "la"

In another song "Ennai konjam Maatri" from "Kaaka kaaka" the singer is pronouncing "Thulli Thulli poguthey" instead of "ThuLLi ThuLLi poguthey".Here instead of "La" "la" is pronounced.

The concerned persons related to the movie and song should have corrected this. Is this the fate of Thamizh?

These are examples.. In most of the peppy songs Thamizh kolai is being done. I have not mentioned them because the whole song would have been a Thamizh kolai.


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