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Aug 15, 1992 - Freedom from IR !!!!! Aug 15, 1992 - Freedom from IR !!!!!

Topic started by The Oracle (@ on Thu Dec 27 03:46:50 EST 2001.
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On this very day, millions of ppl who watched chinna chinna aasai in DD's sirappu oliyum oliyum sighed in great relief. Freedom from IR atlast.
A month or 2 later IR gave an interview to DD in which he acted hysterical and made ppl wonder whether he has really gone mad. He also tried to write ARR off by commenting that hez a "oru pada adhisayam". ( ARR will never make such a comment about a fellow MD, in his life ).Now, we all know for sure, who had the last laugh.
IR had kept tamil music listeners in utter darkness for over two decades. Same old tunes with "thanana thanana" , "lalala lalala " and "tok tok" tabla in the background. As for BGMs, happiness means veena and sorrow means shenoy. Ask Pushpavanam Kuppusami about the number of folk songs that IR has directly lifted. And if he gets bored, he will turn to western classical music and symphonies for inspirations ( entha poovilum vaasam undu, chittu kuruvi, pootukkal pottaalum, Mouna Ragam Theme etc.. to cite a few. Visit I2FS site for more info ). Its very different from using commercially available bass loops or sound samples, FYI. And god only knows why IR is reluctant to release the so-called symphony which he did. And out of the 600 + films he did, not even 100 songs are worth a mention.
Now coming to the question of why IR fans are fanatics. Simple. When a person is kept in utter darkness for 20 odd years and suddenly exposed to light on one fine day, what will happen to him ?
The same thing is what IR fans are experiencing right now. They just cant take it. All these years they simply didnt realise that music has another dimension. And when ARR showed them that, by reflex action, they started criticizing him.
( "kaaitha maram kalladi padum " ). And the blessed ones who had already realised IRs " bad spell" were the ones who took to ARRs music like fish to water. As for the fanatics, let those ppl alone. Let them spend their lives in the darkness, which is good for them atleast, if not for us.
And i wanna take this opportunity to clarify one more thing regarding why ARRs music doesnt sound good when heard for the first time. ARR himself clarified this in an interview he gave to vikatan.
" When u like a song the first time around, it means that u had already heard a similar kind of tune before and that your mind can easily identify that pattern. Whereas in ARRs case, every composition of his is original and new, and naturally it takes time for that to sink in. Thatz why his tunes start growing on you ..."
Finally, in history we find visionaries with new ideas that are far ahead of their times, are initially denounced by their own clan. But ultimately they will leave their footprints in the sands of time. NO need to say ARR is one such great person.


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