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Why IR is against VM ..? Why IR is against VM ..?

Topic started by Ramani (@ on Mon Sep 28 08:43:56 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This posting covers two topics ;-)
In y'day's function at Chennai for Kalaignar,
IR sung(read) a self composed song 'thanE thanE
thanthaanE.. thannaith thamizukku thanthaanE''
Before reading some verses, he passed on some sharp
remarks indirectly against VM ..
Why this sudden anti-VM outbust..? and that too in a
public function..? (his brother GAmaran has been doing
this through magazines for quite some time)

VM was seen sitting in some 3rd row..with a deserted look
(usually he looks cheerful in Kalaignar functions)

God knows why such a great combo is still at loggerheads..
Hopefully B.raja or KB bring them together again.
9 out of 10 dances in that program were of ARR's..
(compered by GA and Oorvasi).. It must have been
shocking for IR to see that ARR's songs only are used
for all dances nowadays in any stage. Could be the reason
why Rajini chose ARR for Padaiyappa.


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