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Anyone know what movie this song belongs to? Anyone know what movie this song belongs to?

Topic started by curryleaf (@ on Wed Nov 10 15:52:47 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

the year 1994-95, dished out really cool songs... I used to listen to fm 98 in srilanka, and everynight they would air songs... all of them were very catchy... I swear most of them were sung by Suresh Peters =P (Oh... I found the mp3s of his Minnal album by teh way, if anyone wants the links)

Lemme get to the point.. there was this song that went like this... "Figaru figaru... ithu super figaru... sugaru sugaru... iva lipsu sugaru... baggy pant-ai thaan maatikittu... nee veshti sattaiya oramkattu..."

Anyone know what movie it is from???? hehehe.... I love that song

and there was a song that went "ragatho ragatho"... cant remember the rest... but err, it was a copy of an english song... obviously...


Happy Deepavali to those who celebrate =)


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