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Why IR does not concentrate on presentation of song? Why IR does not concentrate on presentation of song?

Topic started by Speaker (@ on Tue Sep 30 06:05:05 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This post is purely for IR. This post does not belittle the class and greatness of IR. As one of the DFer said IR always leave you longing for more. This is purely that point I would like to discuss.

My question to IR:
You always gets tune in a flash. You have great capability to mend tunes in any way you want. You can if you want give upteen dimensions for the same song. Yet, offlate all your songs look like that you have hurriedly finished, not bothered about presentation. You selected a singer who is most freely available otherwise you use Bhava or yourself, finished most of the instrumentation bit using electronics not taking pains for going for class and real instrumentlist. You have never ever bothered about recording quality, treating as if that it is not COMPOSER's domain. It looks like you are in a race to complete the songs. You have defined your own boundary for all the above. If you concentrate a bit more things will look lot more impressive. Yes, your speed and expection from others is a tall order,but because of this you cant just compromise the output.

But when it comes to Symphony, the ground rules are different. Irrespective of greatness of composition, presentation would be critically looked at. Yes, it depends on the orchestra you are choosing, depends on budget etc. But you cannot take it light, that you can't settle for 2nd best.

You spend so much effort on BGMs. You spend too little time on songs and even little for presentation. I am least bothered that you present such a way that you figure in MTV or Northies channel. But fans like me, though, most of times feel had it been better singers, better recording would have further elevated the greatness.


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