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<b>Law against vulgarity and porn soon</b> Law against vulgarity and porn soon

Topic started by pc (@ on Fri Feb 6 03:07:48 EST 2004.
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A request has been made in the Tamilnadu's State Legislature to pass laws to prohibit vulgar songs like 'Manmadaraasa' and 'Kalyaanamthaan kattikittu'.

Tamil film songs are vulgar and it is impossible for people to watch these films with their families. Most of the dialogues have double meanings. Will these things be stopped?" asked an MLA from PMK.

Minister Jayakumar replied,

"Vulgarity in songs and film dialogues is a social issue. Law can prevent this problem.

Though you can take legal actions against it, there has to be a change in the mindsets of the people. There are songs like 'Naan ready, neenga readiya? Call phone-a maarivida naan ready, adhila Sim Card-a maarivida neenga readiya?' and 'Kalyaanamthaan kattikittu odi polaama' 'illai pullakutti pethukittu kattikilaama'. People should boycott such songs.

DMK MLA Duraimurgan reminded the Assembly of the 'Manmadaraasa' song.

Jayakumar replied,

"I haven't seen the film yet. You might have. Such songs really hurt our conscience. Taking legal measures can really stop such songs. I'm going to take this to the attention of our CM."


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