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Danush- Ravikumar-Harris Jayaraj team up Danush- Ravikumar-Harris Jayaraj team up

Topic started by Harris jayaraj (@ on Sat Dec 13 08:13:39 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

You don’t have a choice. If you want to make the film’s title catchy, you had to name it ‘Run’. You can’t name it ‘Odu’ or ‘Odi Polaama’ and attract the crowd," Linguswamy said when he justified the English title for his superhit film ‘Run’. But, opinions differ. Dhanush-KS Ravikumar-Harris Jayaraj are teaming up for the first time and they have named their film just that - ‘Odi Polaama’!
Director KS Ravikumar had been working only with senior heroes like Kamal, Rajini and Sarath Kumar for a very long time. But, it looks as if he is revamping his policies. He is now working with the younger lot.

Just like heroes, who sign up more than one film at a time, director KS Ravikumar too has taken up two films- one with Madhavan-Sadha-Yuvan Shankar Raja and now comes this, with Dhanush and Harris Jayaraj.

Pyramid Natarajan is producing this film. This should be a balm on the wound caused by the non-happening ‘Udhaya’.

Undeniably, this is nothing short of a dream-team. Will this team come up with yet another blockbuster?

If you go by the invitations of the launch of the film, it looks like a high-adrenalin stuff. And, by the way, the film is going to be officially launched on Monday, 15 December, at AVM Studios.

super hits surrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!


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