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Moods of Raja Moods of Raja

Topic started by Venkatesh (@ on Thu Jul 19 07:02:32 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

No, this is not about Raja's forthcoming album 'Moods of Ilayaraja'. As we all know, Raja has crossed 800 films now and has scored for varied situations / emotions, many of which have been unique and have not been attempted by the MDs past and future. Some of the unique situations are:

1) Nanoru sindhu (Sindhu Bhairavi)
2) Madai thirandhu (Nizhalgal)
3) Thakida thadhimi (Salangai oli)
etc. etc.

IMHO, these many variety of situations and emotions have not been handled by any other MD and I doubt if anybody
has done this around the world. I used to wonder how other MDs would have handled these situations.
It would be interesting to have a discussion on such songs where other MDs could not have done better, of course
without mud-slinging other MDs.


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