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Sivaji s Anti-Social movies! Sivaji s Anti-Social movies!

Topic started by OISG (@ on Wed Jul 9 12:53:44 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

That s from this person who has seen Gauravam,Ooti Varai Uravu,Anda Naal atleast 10 times.I had wept seeing Pasamalar,Kappal ootiya thamizhan.

But I cried after seeing Lorry Driver Rajakannu.To watch " 2+1" dialogue from the mouth that voiced Sakthi Krishnaswami s powerful dialogues ,boy!it pains even today.When did the fall start?
Ilaya Thalaimurai
Rojavin Raja
Dhramam Enge?
General Chakravarthy
Pilot Premnath
Ratha pasam
Vetrikku oruvan
He made producers go bankrupt paying the Tailors who tailored his Coat! Your thoughts on these movies are welcome.

I watched all these dud movies.MSV was a saving grace in some of them.(Appada TFM connection established!)


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