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<b>Simran sings for Harris Jayaraj</b> Simran sings for Harris Jayaraj

Topic started by h (@ on Sun Mar 7 23:46:23 EST 2004.
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Simran's New Avatar?

For all those who thought Simran could do nothing else other than acting, dancing or showing off a little flesh to delight the audience, it is time to change your views. It appears like Simran who was a ‘bathroom singer’ all these years is up for some ‘real singing’. She is working on a pop album with the current sensational music director Harris Jeyaraj. The album is more likely to hit the markets during the beginning of next year. Simran after her marraige with Deepak has recently declined offers to act in new movies. Is she up for ‘a big boom’ in singing also?


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